First, make sure your guest is relaxed and comfortable.  They can either be seated or lying down on a bed.  The secret to the good stimulating Indian head massage is the variation of the strokes, the connection with the recipient’s energy levels and a careful application of pressure.  Remember that the head is a very sensitive area with many sensations going directly to the brain, only small amounts of pressure is needed.

Second, as your guest if they are comfortable, make sure the ambience is warm and relaxed.  You may like to put on some suitable tantric music to create the right mood.  Now, start with the larger muscle groups to warm up the body such as the shoulders and neck.  Use fingers, palms and gently release the tensions in the shoulders.  Work your way up the head focusing on small circular movements around the neck.  The neck is a key area connecting the body and mind.  This is sometimes very stiff, so make circular round movements with your thumbs to release the tensions in this area.

Third, make sure there is symmetry in your strokes, for example, use your fingertips to circle both the right and left sides of the temple.  Your movements again should be slow.  Remember the secret to a good Indian head massage is to flow from one movement to another.  It should not move from one random place to another, but flow like a stream of water.

Fourth, focus on the cheeks, the nose, around the mouth and in particular between the eye brows.  This area is particularly a key pressure point.  Work gently this area to release some of the stress and tensions of the recipient.  Use your fingers and thumbs to stroke both sides of the eyebrows to release stress.

Finally, to finish use fingers, spread wide apart and begin working the top crown of the head and sides and back.  Your movements should be slow.  The slower you perform this movement, the greater the effectiveness this will be on relieving stress.  As a final point, always watch for cues with your guest, are they breathing and relaxing, do you need to slow down to help them with their breathing.  Are their muscles beginning to relax?