Tantric massage is more than a technique to relax and unwind.  It goes further and focuses on the main focal points of the body.  Namely the 7 main chakras in ancient India.  These are the crown, the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root, all running along the centre line of the body.  This is something to bear in mind when performing a tantric massage.

The reason why so much emphasis is put on these focal points is that by unlocking the chakra points, you also allow the energy flow to go through the body in a more natural way.  Sometimes these chakra points are blocked which is why people find it hard to express their sexual energy.  A trained tantric masseuse is naturally focusing on these chakra points and that is why you will feel the inner flow of sexual energy run up and down your body in its own accord.  The sensation is quite powerful and exhilarating.  Learn to focus on the present, release your inhibitions and let yourself experience true tantra.

The goal of tantric massage is to awaken the sleeping sexual energies inside you, to help with blood circulation and to deepen your intimacy and connection.  Being present helps you to be mindful of your own sexual pleasure and body.  A tantric massage can help improve the physical and emotional health for you and your partner.