You may not be familiar with the term Nuru massage to the extent you’re asking yourself: “just what is a Nuru massage?” Well, in this blog post we’re here to put you straight – as well as attempt to explain just why this form of massage is so popular today.

It won’t take you long to realise just why Nuru masseuses are being booked up weeks in advance when you realise just how intimate this form of sensual and erotic massage can be.

Nuru massage London: what it is

Certainly, you won’t find Nuru massage listed as an everyday spa treatment. No, because that’s because it’s a bit more special than a simple Swedish rub down or a Thai stretch. A Nuru massage is, in fact, a treatment where the masseuse uses her entire body to nurture and smooth the skin. And there’s more… her body will be oiled in the same sensuous oil as her client’s torso, legs and other limbs.

The actual massage itself is performed on a mattress which has a non-absorbent and waterproof covering. This allows the oil to stay on the bodies.

Sensual massage London: how it is performed

The masseuse ensures the client is comfortable on the mattress then warms up the oil or gel in her hands. She then spreads it over the client’s back as he or she lies face down. Once accomplished she bends and slides her body over the client, massaging as she moves, and using her arms to support her. The client is then asked to turn over and the same action performed on the other half of the body.

As you can imagine, a massage that involves such intimate skin on skin contact can be extremely erotic. It can prove emotional and at times also lend itself to a spiritual element.

You’ll find that Nuru massage is enjoyed by both men and women either on an individual basis or as couples’ pleasure.

Nuru massage London: where it originated

Although, here at Petal we perform nuru massage in London, this sought-after massage practice actually originated in Japan. No prizes for guessing this when you realise the word nuru is Japanese for ‘slippery.’ Yes, you can see exactly where we’re going with this…such intimate contact together with oil or gel does indeed become rather slippery.

Getting back to Asia though, the Japanese theme extends to the oil or gel used too, as it contains a form a Nori seaweed.

Erotic massage London Bridge: the benefits

A Nuru massage, like other forms of skin and body manipulation, will obviously prove soothing and relaxing. This helps dissipate any tension in the body as the muscles relax. This can, in turn, result in a much more restful sleep afterwards as well as a general feeling of well-being, together with an endorphin boost.

The sensual nuru oil or gel used for the massage also moisturises the skin, giving it a feeling of smoothness for days afterwards. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and a way of releasing toxins. As such, a Nuru massage stimulates the blood and forces toxins through the skin, proving an excellent means of cleansing the body from the inside out.

Sensual massage London: get in touch

Here at Petal Tantric Massage London we have some of the most skilled nuru masseuses in London. Experienced, enthusiastic and extraordinary talented, our girls provide the type of nuru massage you’ll be keen to experience again and again. To book an appointment, tel 07568 736 912 today. You can also book via our website.