Traditionally, to practice ‘tantra’ involved meditating, doing yoga and adhering to certain spiritual principles. Today it is all about the massage. But you may still hear your masseuse refer to chakras (ie energy centres in the body), the concept of which derives from the practice’s Indian roots.

If you’ve enjoyed a tantric massage before, you understand its all-encompassing nature. In this practice, both your body and the masseuse’s body participate. This makes a tantric massage a long, sensual journey, fostering empathy between the masseuse and the client. As intimacy arises, it brings an emotional element to the massage, heightening all senses and leaving no room for inhibition.

Your tantric massage typically takes place on a firm yet comfortable mattress. The room is dimly lit, warm, creating an immediate sense of relaxation. Apart from comfort, you’ll also feel safe. Sometimes, a blindfold can enhance the experience, allowing you to focus on other senses like touch, hearing, and smell, which become amplified in such a state. Experimenting with this can be rewarding, especially in a secure environment.

Tantric massage Edgware road: surroundings

Your tantric massage is usually performed on a mattress which is comfortable yet hard enough for the masseuse to gain purchase when rubbing and pressing. There will be very little light in the room and the temperature will be warm, lending itself to a relaxed feeling from the start.

As well as feeling comfortable, the client will feel safe. And on that note, a blindfold can often aid the treatment by allowing the client to blot out the sight element and instead focus on the other senses, such as touch, hearing and smell. All these other senses become amplified in such as state. Certainly, it’s worth experimenting with – especially when you are in such as safe and secure environment.

You may find that your masseuse would like to enhance your massage using a scented candle. This can be rubbed on your back to enhance the experience, without damaging the skin, and introducing a pleasant musky scent into the room.

Tantric massage Edgware road: enlightenment

Like Zen Buddhism and even Yoga, Tantra is all about eventually reaching the wonders of spiritual enlightenment. Whether you reach this during your massage depends on how relaxed you are. It may take several sessions, for instance, before you let the masseuse take over completely.

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A typical tantric massage involves the client lying with his or her face down on the mattress and with the arms at their sides. The massage then starts off with the hands, progressing to individual fingers and up the arms. It may then involve the shoulders, neck, back and hips. Then the legs are involved, including the toes and feet, before the genital area is stimulated.

Erotic massage London Bridge: health benefits

As well as experiencing a sexual awakening, the benefits of tantra and many. It can help release emotional blockages, promote better sleep and boost the immune system. Those in itself are fantastic reasons to experience a tantric massage. Add to this improved sexual stamina and stress release and it’s a bit of a no-brainer, really…

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